Gregory M. Bradley:

“I believe our firm is distinguished from the competition through our exclusive focus on the healthcare industry.  We concentrate our services in one field and one field alone – from physician groups to hospitals to every size and type of healthcare entity in between.  It’s all we do, and our level of expertise in the industry is unchallenged."

“Additionally, what increases our firm’s unique ability to service our clients’ needs is our people.  We bring the best people we can find into Bradley Associates: creative people, people devoted to their careers and their clients."

“Some time ago, the partners of Bradley Associates decided that we didn’t necessarily want to be the biggest accounting and consulting firm around – just the best.  To this end, we invest in the finest technology available – and it’s proven to be an investment that enhances our efficiency and helps us do the best job for our clients.  We utilize a variety of high-end software, and if we can’t find what we need to get the job done, we write the program ourselves.”
Tracy R. Mitchell:

“We don’t just add up the numbers for our clients, we also explain precisely what the numbers mean and how they apply to a client’s particular circumstance.  All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t use it to benefit the client."

“Staying abreast of new regulations and other changes in the healthcare field demands commitment from everyone at Bradley Associates.  The healthcare industry is exceedingly technical and becomes more so each day.  Our firm is structured in a manner that enables us to react to the new regulations and numerous changes rapidly and efficiently."

“Clients frequently regard change as something to fear.  We think it’s part of our job to help them understand that change should be embraced as opportunity.”
Skander Nasser, III:

“We have a philosophy about client service here at Bradley Associates, and that philosophy influences everything we do and how we do it.  For example, we think it’s important to be accessible to our clients.  We return calls promptly.  We’ll rearrange our own schedules in order to address a client’s needs and meet their schedule."

“It’s very important for our partners to become personally involved in every account.  We don’t just show up for the pitch in order to get the business, then disappear.  Our partners are involved in every project that comes into our firm.  The partners make it their job to check a project for accuracy, to check the detail, to check the logic, to provide an objective view before that project leaves our office.  And always to ask the question, ‘Are there any other options here?’"

“We take pride in providing timely, accurate, professional service to the healthcare industry.  And it’s a level of service we provide to every client, regardless of size.  If you don’t approach your business like that, you shouldn’t be in business.  This is our commitment and approach toward your business.”
Daniel S. Gaafar:

“Our firm is committed to providing the best services for our clients.  This begins with each and every member of the firm.  We recognize that our firm's reputation evolves from our staffs' performance and abilities.  Therefore, we have an extensive recruiting process of potential staff members to ensure that our clients will continue to receive outstanding services. Other firms may view this practice to be excessive; however, we believe the strength of the firm is anchored by our staff."

“Additionally, the experience and knowledge that we bring to the table is a crucial element of our firm.  We require each staff member to receive a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education every year.  On top of that, we keep up-to-date on changes in the healthcare industry through weekly newsletters, periodicals, governmental updates and meeting with trade associations.  These practices ensure we consider every aspect of an engagement prior to issuance to our client."

“Our firm has thrived in an ever-changing environment. This is a testimony to our management and our staff.”
Wade E. Hill:

“We are about options, timely responses and appropriate feedback.  To use an old cliché, we continually think outside of the box.  Any CPA can prepare a report or put some numbers on a ledger sheet.  We provide options to those reports and feedback as to what those numbers say and don’t say about your business.”

“Responding timely to our clients concerns is of significant importance to the partners of Bradley Associates.  We now live in a world where overnight mail has become too slow.  As such, we have ensured our entire firm is equipped with the best technologies available to make certain we are always accessible and meet our client’s needs.”

“The two greatest assets we have are our clients and our employees.  We cannot survive and prosper without the best of both.  We hold both in the highest regard and treat with equal respect and we are dedicated to ensuring they prosper with us.”